The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal - Old Lock 34
Mindenville, NY

A few hundred yards west of modern Lock 16 on the Erie Canal in Mindenville, sits this canal wall. I had cruised past it a number of times and gave it no thought. The 5-6 modern bollards sitting in the grass, mark it as a typical canal wall, used by the Canal Corp for docking barges and maintenance boats. After some prompting from Howard, I took a closer look at it as I passed thru in 2007. To my surprise, it's made of stone blocks and there are gate recesses on both ends. This is the one remaining wall of Old Lock 34

On the west end of the wall, we see the gate notch. Notice the modern bollard nearly hidden in the grass.

The east end of the wall has crumbled in the middle of the gate notch.

Hard to see in the light, in the middle of the lock is a third gate recess. This lock chamber was lengthened during the 1890's to accomodate more traffic. Note the modern bollard (tie-up post) in the grass.

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