The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal - Old Locks 67-71
Lockport, NY

The Lockport flight of five locks was completed in 1840 with two side-by-side flights, replacing previous locks built at this location. Around 1916 the south flight was demolished and replaced with modern Locks E-34 and E-35 which stand at this location today. The surviving north flight of five old locks, designated as locks 67 thru 71, is still being used as a spillway for the modern locks.

At the foot of the flight are these stone steps, leading to a stone pier. The guard rail and overhead bridge were added years after the old locks were retired. At the far left is the edge of the open gates on modern Lock E-34.

The modern spillway flows through the old locks, splashing over a set of waterfalls.

An aerial view of the upper locks of the spillway, taken from a conveniently placed overhead road bridge. Tug 44 is just visible behind the building at the top.

The 167 year old stonework is still in excellent condition. The wrought iron brackets at this lock are of heavier construction that that at other sites, and we have no idea what the purpose of the rectangular iron on the left was.

At the head of the old locks is an iron grate, collecting trash and floating algae. The crane is used to clear out the grate when needed.

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