The Travels of Tug 44

Flynn's Culvert - Old Champlain Canal
Halfmoon, NY

Flynn's Culvert was built as part of the 1862 version of the old Champlain Canal. It is unique in that it includes both a culvert to allow a creek to cross under the canal, and also has a spillway (waste weir) directly above it to control the old canal's water level. This meant that at certain times, it had two waterfalls running, one directly above the other. The old canal and towpath were above the structure. It's a rather pretty site especially with the creek flowing below.

The waste weir has several steps in its floor. The black shape above is a modern pipeline running through the old structure. Above it is the footbridge on the towpath which is now a very nice bicycle path.

This rounded corner is the entrance to the spillway, with the footbridge seen above.

Flynn's Culvert is barely visible from above, but it's hard to miss the site, just south of Old Champlain Lock 7. That's a lot of signage for a bicycle path! Photos taken November 2008.

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