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Erie Canal - Schoharie Crossing Aqueduct

The Schoharie Crossing Aqueduct, built in 1840, carried the Enlarged Erie Canal across Schoharie Creek at Fort Hunter. Originally built with 14 arches, only 9 remain now. The west end is in good shape, though overgrown with trees and brush, but the eastern end had collapsed in 1940.

The high arches supported the towpath, and these stone frames supported wooden timbers which formed the canal bed.

Seen from the shore of the creek are the 2 westernmost arches, along with a lot of debris left over from the flood of 2006.

The towpath seen here runs along the top of the arches.

The sign says it all: The aqueduct is falling apart and is in need of help.

The eastern end of the aqueduct is mostly rubble. Some of the individual stones have been numbered, perhaps with a view to future restoration.

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