The Travels of Tug 44

Schuylerville Junction Lock
Old Champlain Canal - Schuylerville, NY

When the modern Champlain Canal was built, it bypassed the Schuylerville terminal, so the Schuylerville Junction Lock was built around 1916 to provide continued access. The lock and terminal remained in use until the 1950's.

Numerous hardware pieces and the remains of the original doors remain scattered around the lock.

The lock was constructed of poured concrete and has not weathered the elements nearly as well as the hand-cut limestone blocks used in older locks. Modern Champlain Lock C-5 appears in the background.

After several hours of clearing brush and cleaning off decades of rotted leaf debris, we see a reasonably well preserved original lock door, or gate.

Closeup of the bottom end of the hinge-pin or quoin post on the door.

At the bottom of each door are 2 flap valves operated by push rods, which allowed water in or out of the lock. This photo has been rotated to provide the correct perspective.

All joints of the beams used in the construction of the doors were re-inforced by these metal brackets.

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