The Travels of Tug 44

Old Champlain Canal Lock 4 at Waterford

The Old Champlain Canal has a lovely trailway walking path alongside it at Waterford. Follow these signs south from modern Erie Canal Lock E-2 about a half mile to Old Champlain Lock 4.

Old Lock 4 is in good condition, but filled with stagnant standing water choked with duckweed and algae. This section of canal is now used as a surge basin for the pool above Erie Lock E-2 but not much water movement occurs this far south. See full-sized photo

The southern end of the lock shows the end of the canal here, at a modern dam and power plant on the natural Mohawk River.

Detail of a groove in the stone wall where a lock door once lay in the open position. That's nice stonework built 150 years ago and abandoned to the trees and nature some 90 years ago.

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