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Old Champlain Canal Weighlock at Waterford

The old Champlain Canal had a weighlock at Waterford to determine the weight of loaded canal boats. It's completely overgrown and nothing remains but the canal itself and the sidewall. This is the southern entrance to the weighlock.

Seen here is the north entrance to the weighlock, in this heavily forested area.

The weighlock itself doesn't offer much to see but the Canal Trailway is beautiful and makes for a lovely morning walk.

During the winter of 2010-11, we found this section of canal drained, offering a look at the old stonework that is normally submerged. Note the inscription " 1862. " carved in the stone on the south entrance here. Just above the date, half obliterated on the broken stones, appears the name "W.I. SKINNER", who was the Canal Commissioner at that time.

In 2010 the towpath area was logged out by a crew of volunteers, providing a good view of the south entrance of the Waterford Weighlock. The drained canal provides a good look at the stone work. The towpath is to the right in the photo.

This is the north entrance to the Weighlock. Normally only the dark-colored top row of stones is visible above the water level.

After much climbing & trespassing on the west side of the old Champlain Canal, I got this view of the inside of the chamber of the old Waterford Weighlock. Note the strange stonework, my guess is there were wooden beams laying on top of the abutments. Then again, I am likely incorrect as there are strange round cut-outs in the stone directly above each abutment.

And here is the mystery picture. There is this old riveted pipe, it looks like it might be a smokestack, but what the heck is it doing here? Perhaps it was an access port to some of the buried machinery for the scales?

I need to return in the spring when the area is green and reshoot the entire series.

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