The Travels of Tug 44

Old Erie Canal - West Troy Weighlock
Colonie, NY

The remains of the West Troy Weighlock are located in a very pretty park on Route 32 in Colonie, NY., right on the border of Watervliet. It took me a 15 mile round trip by bicycle to get these photos.
See full-sized photo

Built in 1850 as part of the Enlarged Erie Canal, the weighlock building (now gone) looked like an ancient Greek Temple straddling the lock. This is the view looking south towards Watervliet. See full-sized photo

This is the view looking north along the lock, towards Colonie. See full-sized photo

That's the original foundation of the building that housed the actual scales, located alongside the old lock. See full-sized photo

The lock wall has numerous bolts and drilled holes different from all the other old locks. They were used to hold machinery as well as the pillars of the "temple" building over the lock. See full-sized photo

This informative sign is located in front of the West Troy Weighlock. The sign shows an old photo of the Greek Temple building. See full-sized photo

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