The Travels of Tug 44

Wilson's Culvert - Old Champlain Canal
Halfmoon, NY

This sign marks the newly restored bicycle path on the route of the old towpath, making for easy access to the site of Wilson's Culvert in the town of Halfmoon.

Wilson's Culvert provides passage under the old Champlain Canal for a creek. The canal is at the top of the photo, above the culvert. It's located right behind the Town of Halfmoon maintenance yard but best reached by the towpath and a climb down the hill. This is the view of the eastern end of the culvert.

The western end of Wilson's Culvert is not as each to reach, it's quite overgrown.

In this area long sections of the old Champlain Canal are visible. Some sections still have water, and others, as shown here, are mostly overgrown swampy areas.

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