The Travels of Tug 44

Brown Covered Bridge
Shrewsbury, VT

The Brown Covered Bridge was built in 1880 by Nicholas Powers. It is a 112 foot span crossing Cold River in Shrewsbury VT. The dirt road leading up to the bridge appears blindingly white because the surface is made of crushed marble, a cheap product here in Vermont.

A view of the bridge from the middle of Cold River.

The bridge was damaged during Hurricane Irene in 2011, and the road has been closed ever since. Our visit in December 2015 shows the bridge has received some major maintenance and repairs, including replacement of some planks as well as completely new siding. There are a few planks to be replaced and then the bridge will be all good again.

The Brown Covered Bridge has all new siding, as seen from the north end.

A side view of the newly refurbished bridge, as seen from the shore of the Cold River.

The Brown Covered Bridge uses the Town Lattice design so common for most of these bridges.

The icy crystal clear waters of Cold River wind on thru the woods.

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