The Travels of Tug 44

Copeland Covered Bridge

The Copeland Covered bridge in Edinburg NY was built in 1879 by Arad Copeland to serve a mill driven by Beecher Falls at that location.   high-res

A side view of the Copeland Covered Bridge, looking upstream.   high-res

A view of the inside of the Copeland Covered Bridge showing the queenpost design. Note there are two uprights, supported by angled beams, which hold up the bridge. A similar design with a single upright post would be the kingpost design used more commonly in other bridges.   high-res

A look upstream at the lovely crystal clear waters of Beecher Creek.   high-res

Beecher Falls is just above the Bridge. What looks like manufactured steps is actually the way limestone is laid down in layers and naturally breaks like this.   high-res

Another look at the crystal clear waters and limestone floor of Beecher Creek.   high-res

Just above the main falls is another set of smaller falls, enhanced by a dam, now partially removed. This was the location of the mill wheel.   high-res

A last look at the crystal clear waters of Beecher Creek.   high-res

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