The Travels of Tug 44

Eagleville Covered Bridge
Eagleville, NY

The Eagleville Covered Bridge was built in 1858, by Epherim W Clapp, using the Towne Lattice Construction.

In 2007 this bridge received major repairs and a fresh coat of paint. This the view from the west.

The late afternoon sun lights up the fresh red paint on the bridge and shows off the crystal clear waters of the Battenkill. It is a single 100 foot span. This is the view from the east.

The bridge was designed using the Towne Lattice Truss construction method. Note the heavy wooden pegs holding the beams together.

On the underside of the bridge, even heavier oak beams support the modern car traffic. On the sides, recently added oak planks are sandwiched together to form additional support beams.

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