The Travels of Tug 44

Rexleigh Covered Bridge
Salem, NY

The Rexleigh Covered Bridge was built in 1874 by Reuben Comins, contractor, and George Wadsworth, carpenter, to replace a previous bridge on this location.

The bridge got a major rebuild in 2007. This is the view from the north. The inscription over the opening reads, "25 dollars fine for driving on this bridge faster than a walk."

This view from the south shows the single 107 foot span over the Battenkill River.

The bridge is constructed using the Howe Truss design.

In the background is a long abandoned marble mill. It was used as a hippie commune back in the 1960's, until the roof burned down.

The Rexleigh Covered Bridge looks absolutely lovely in winter.

The icy waters of the Battenkill River, with the abandoned marble mill on the left.

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