The Travels of Tug 44

Waitsfield Village Covered Bridge
Waitsfield Village, VT

The Waitsfield Village Covered Bridge was built in 1833 as a 105 foot single span over the Mad River in the Village of Waitsfield, Vermont. The builder is not known. This is thought to be Vermont's second oldest surviving covered bridge.

The enclosed pedestrian walkway was added about 1940, and the roof was extended to cover it.

Seen from a nearby park, the Mad River is full of broken ice. These broken pieces have been known to accumulate and have destroyed various bridges all over Vermont during spring melt.

Interesting architecture here, the Waitsfield Village Covered Bridge is supported by a multiple kingpost truss with a Burr Arch. This bridge is solid as a rock, and I could not feel the effect of passing cars when I was on the bridge.

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