The Travels of Tug 44

Worrall Covered Bridge
Rockingham, VT

The Worrall Covered Bridge was built in 1870 by Sanford Grangers. It is an 82 foot span, crossing the Williams River at Rockingham Vermont.

During my visit in August 2009, the bridge was in poor condition, and about to undergo a major overhall. Construction crews had just finished clearing brush and trees from the site.

The bridge is a Town Lattice Truss construction, but some of the beams have become unsound and are due for replacement.

This notice was nailed to the bridge, listing the various components to be replaced, including some support beams, the road floor, and all the siding. Looks like I will have to return in the spring and check the progress.

February 2011

We returned in February 2011 and found the bridge had been very nicely rebuilt. The light colored beams are the ones that were replaced.

The view from a conveniently located railroad bridge nearby shows this view of the new siding as well as the ramp on the left end. The ramp is an unusual feature of the Worral Covered Bridge.

A peek at the adjacent railroad bridge. I don't recommend you climb this one, as there is no flooring, only the cross-ties that hold the tracks. Step wrong in the snow and you fall through and land in the frozen river.

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