The Travels of Tug 44

Fairport Lift Bridge
Fairport, NY

The 100 year old Fairport Lift Bridge dominates the Canal Harbor at Fairport. And yes it's crooked. It's lower on the north side, and one side of the bridge is shorter than the other. No two pieces are the same on this one. Here, the Bridge is shown in the "down" position.

The bridge is lifted for the tour boat Colonial Belle, with our friend Captain (Master) Kaitlynn McHenry at the helm.

Thank you Erik Crandall the bridge operator, for taking us on a tour under the streets of Fairport to see the machinery that raises and lowers the Bridge.

This is the operator's control panel, high up in the tower on the south end of the Bridge.

The control cabinet, containing the switches, fuses, breakers, contactors, relays and computer controls that make the bridge work.

The operator's windows high up in the bridge tower provide an excellent view of the canal and approaching traffic, both cars and boats. That's Tug 44 sitting at the pier.

The tour boat Colonial Belle returns from one of her evening cruises, the bridge is lifted and all lit up.

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