The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal Lock E18 at Jacksonburg, NY

Erie Canal Lock E-18 is located at the east end of a land cut that avoids an un-navigable section of the Mohawk River and something called "Knock Em Stiff Rapids". You don't want to take your trawler over anything with a name like that!

The nicely kept grounds include the Lock Operator's office & workshop, and the Power House at the lower gates.

Another look at the Power House. Now used only as a garage for lawnmowers and general storage, this building once contained electric generators used to work the lock. The little shack in front of the Power House contains the Lock controls.

At the upper end of the lock is this capstan. It's about a hundred years old but still works. They are seldom used these days, but are there to pull a long barge thru the lock when the tug is not able to fit in the lock with the barge.

Right next to the lock, in the land cut is this spillway, to control the water level in case of floods. The pretty lawn is maintained by the lock operators. You can walk down the lawn to the natural Mohawk River below.

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