The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal Lock E-32
Pittsford, NY

The westbound view of this 25 foot lift lock is partially obscured by a road bridge, but as the doors open, we see a glimpse of a waterfall coming through the crack between the gates on the upper doors.

In this photo taken from the bridge at the lower end of the lock, we see the lock chamber is empty and the little water fountain is putting on a nice show.

A closeup of the fountain between the upper gates. Tell the lock-keeper you like it, and he'll tell you all about it. It's a local tourist attraction.

The lock has tunnels to dump excess water. Seen here is the exit of the two tunnels where the spilled water is jettisoned straight up to form these two bubbles. The bubbles are about 6 feet in diameter.

Right alongside the lock is this wonderful little water park! Starting with the waterfall at the upper end, the fast rushing water flows over man-made obstacles to form a kayak raceway. This day there was a competition which attracted hundreds of visitors.

A closeup of the waterfall at the upper end of the water park. There are blocks of stone jutting out of the water here, to produce this wonderful frothy melee. Very scenic.

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