The Travels of Tug 44

Erie Canal Locks E34-E35
Lockport, NY

Seen on the left, Locks 34 and 35 are "siamese twins", where the upper door of Lock 34 is also the lower door of Lock 35. On the right is a set of 5 old locks from the previous canal, which are now used only as the spillway. For the braver boaters, there's a nice dock to overnight at, at the top of the spillway, a few feet from the edge. The white building in the middle is a small canal museum.

Inside the chamber of Lock 34, one sees the lower gates of Lock 35.

Here are the upper gates of Lock 35. Look closely and you'll see there are two sets of gates, as a safety measure. The two locks have a combined lift of about 50 feet.

Another look at the double gates at the top of Lock E-35. The water between the gates is held at the level of the canal above.

Lock E-35 is on the right, and is part of the modern canal. On the left is the spillway which was once a set of 5 old locks from the previous version of the canal. The large building in the middle is a Canal Corp workshop, and the building behind it is a small Canal Museum.

Tug 44 sits at the top of the spillway leading to the set of 5 old locks. In the background are the double upper gates of Lock E-35.

The Pendleton Guard Gate, a few miles west of the locks, protects the Erie Canal from possible flood waters coming from the Niagara River and Lake Erie.

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