The Travels of Tug 44

Village of Middleport

The Middleport Lift Bridge welcomes you to Middleport's harbor. Seen here, east of the bridge is a long tie-up wall but no services.

The bridge lifts to allow a boat to pass, and we see the main part of the port. Both sides of the canal west of the bridge have long walls with free tie-up and electric. When the lift bridges were first constructed, cars and road traffic were very rare, so the bridges were normally always in the up position, hence the stairs and walkway on each end, so pedestrians could cross at any time.

A better look at the port. That's Tug 44 on the right, on the north wall.

A look at the "downtown" section, this is nearly half of it in the photo, with the lift bridge on the far right. It's a very small town with under 1,800 population.

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