The Travels of Tug 44

Schenectady Yacht Club
Rexford, NY

The Schenectady Yacht Club is a full-service marina on the Erie Canal at Rexford. Transients are welcomed. Gasoline and diesel fuel are available at the fuel dock.

The dock master's shack is in a shady spot overlooking the fuel dock.

There is some very nice scenery across the river, the river's edge is a cliff.

If it's a hot day, enjoy the pool.

The Club House was originally a canal store dating back to the 1840's.

An old canal lock from 1842 is now used as a slip for the Travel Lift.

The remains of the 1842 Rexford Aqueduct is right next to the fuel dock. Lots of history here.

See the Schenectady Yacht Club website at:

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