The Travels of Tug 44

Barnegat Lighthouse - New Jersey Shore

Barnegat Lighthouse is located about 30 miles north of Atlantic City NJ, on the Barnegat Inlet. It operated from 1859 to 1944 and is now retired, but still a popular tourist destination.

A closer look at the light, some 165 feet up. The actual light and fresnel lens has been removed.

This cast iron staircase is still in use today and one can walk up the 165 feet to the top.

A sign with data on the Barnegat Lighthouse is posted outside the door.

The Barnegat Light was designed by General George Meade, whose bronze bust is displayed just outside the door. The US Army facility at Fort Meade is named after him.

This seagull landed on my picnic table and promptly began inspecting my camera bag in the hope of finding french fries. He was only 2 feet away from me, and totally fearless.

Another bit of history happened on this same spot in 1782 during the Revolutionary War, the "Massacre at Long Beach"

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