The Travels of Tug 44

Brewerton Range Rear Lighthouse
Erie Canal - Oneida Lake, NY

The Brewerton Range Rear Lighthouse was constructed in 1916 on the Erie Canal in Brewerton near Oneida Lake, to line up with the lighthouse on Frenchman island. It provided guidance for mariners west-bound on the Erie Canal while crossing Oneida Lake. This is the view from the Erie Canal.

The light is 85 feet tall, and constructed from 18 foot prefab sections of concrete made in Buffalo and barged in to the site. This is the view fom land, in the little park that now surrounds the Light.

The base of the Brewerton Range Rear Lighthouse is a prefab concrete block, locked with a heavy steel door. The Light is owned by NYC Canal Corporation. No access was allowed at this time in 2014.

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