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Coney Island Lighthouse - Brooklyn

Officially known as the Coney Island Light Station, the Coney Island Lighthouse was built in 1890 to guard the shoals at the east end of the entrance to the Verrazano Narrows, at the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, NY. It is noteworthy as the location of the last lighthouse keeper in the United States. Frank Schubert took over as Lighthouse Keeper back in 1960 and remained on duty until his death at age 88, in 2003. Frank had been officially retired in 1989 when the Lighthouse was automated, but was allowed to remain in the Keeper's house next door, until his death. Being located in an on-shore neighborhood, this lighthouse was one of very few that allowed the Keeper to live with his family on-site. Frank's tenure at this Lighhouse spanned some 43 years.

The family of Keeper Frank Schubert has a website at:

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