The Travels of Tug 44

Queenie - 1929 Elco Cruisette

One of the finest looking boats anywhere is Queenie, a 38' Elco Cruisette built in 1929, seen here at the Kingston town docks. She is in wonderful condition. Below decks is a Ford Lehman 125 HP diesel.
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The front deck sports twin bronze anchors and the Elco nameplate. Elco was located at Newark Bay in Bayonne, NJ, and is part of Electric Boat Company of nuclear submarine fame. Elco also made most of the PT boats in WW2. See full-sized photo

Front view of the pilothouse, with gleaming mahogany everywhere. There's just nothing like it anymore.
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Queenie has a lot of polished brass, especially at the helm. Beautiful!

The furnishings will put most living rooms to shame. Queenie is a true luxury cruiser. She is an exact twin of the one that Charles Lindberg spent his honeymoon on. See full-sized photo

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