The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Chancellor

Tug Chancellor's home port is Waterford, NY. She is owned by the State of New York and is being restored by the Waterford Maritime Historical Society. Built in 1938, she is 77 feet long.

Tug Chancellor is seen here tied up above Erie Canal Lock E-2

Side view of tugboat Chancellor.

Chancellor is a serious heavy-duty tugboat, and her equipment includes very large towbars and winches.

Tug Chancellor goes hunting for victims at the 2006 Waterford Tugboat Roundup's push-off contest. She is the big brute of the Roundup, and has the traction needed to defeat nearly anything. Chancellor is shown here with her hydraulic pilothouse in the "down" position for bridge clearance.
Photo by Jennifer of Tug National.

Tug Chancellor encounters mighty-mite Tug Thimble. Obviously, Thimble is more than Chancellor is able to handle, so cowardly Tug Chancellor raises her pilothouse to appear even larger. Brave Thimble is not afraid of anything, and presses on to defeat Chancellor in a nose-to-nose push-off.
Photo by Jennifer of Tug National.

Chancellor's pilot-house includes a very large wheel with rudder indicator. The steel balls on the sides of her compass binnacle are used to compensate for the effects of her massive amounts of iron in her engine and hull.

Tug Chancellor's engine is operated by this simple controller in the engine room.. She was originally built as a "bell boat" where the helmsman must signal the engineer to start or reverse or adjust engine speed. Below the floor, some of the engine's cylinder heads are visible.

This is the top view of Chancellor's original Fairbanks-Morse 2-cycle diesel engine. The engine produces about 575 horsepower and tons of torque. The 5 cylinder engine weighs about 20 tons all by itself.

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