The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Cheyenne

Tug Cheyenne, fresh from the Waterford Tug Roundup, is back to work the next day, pushing gravel barges up the Hudson River, near the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse. She and her sister tugboat, Crow, are operated by Port Albany Ventures.

Tug Cheyenne continues on up the Hudson River pushing her load of 6 gravel barges.

Cheyenne's engine, seen from the front, produces 1,800 horsepower. It's a 10 cylinder, 20 piston, 2 crank-shaft monster where there are 2 pistons in each cylinder pushing against each other. This type of engine was common in WW2 submarines. See full-sized photo

This is Cheyenne's engine as seen from the back. It's about 8 feet tall and about 20 feet long. This diesel engine made by Fairbanks-Morse runs at about 900 RPM at full throttle. See full-sized photo

2013: In the years since the previous photos, Donjon Marine has bought out Port Albany Ventures and the tugs including Cheyenne have been repainted to Donjon's colors. Seen here, Tug Cheyenne makes her way north on the Hudson River, pushing two empty barges. Photo by David Silver, taken from the top of Bear Mountain.

See the Donjon Marine Co. Inc. website at:

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