The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Gotham

Tug Gotham is owned by D. Brake Marine LLC of Madison Ct. Seen here at Lock C-7, she is assisting with the Fort Edward dredging effort by bringing some of the barges up the Champlain Canal from Troy NY. She is a 60 foot push-knee towboat, built in 1998 by Progressive Industrial Inc. She weighs about 37 tons.

Here, the Gotham has pushed her 200 foot barge into Lock C-7

The tug & barge completely fill the lock. The 260 foot long tow leaves about 20 feet front and back and about 2 feet on each side in the lock.

It's starting to get dark and a good focus is becoming difficult.

In the failing light, Tug Gotham continues north on the Champlain Canal, on her way to the nearby De-Watering Plant. Ahead a Cashman Tug awaits, opposite my house.

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