The Travels of Tug 44

Tug Gramma Lee T. Moran

Tug Gramma Lee T. Moran is the resident "tuff guy" in Port of New York and New Jersey. She's out there working hard, every time we pass through the harbor. Seen here, she is plowing along in Lower Newark Bay by Shooters Island at about 12 knots, throwing up a 4 foot wake. She's not the largest tug in the harbor, but this "tractor tug" has the horsepower and maneuverability to out-class all of the rest. See full-sized photo

Tug Gramma Lee T. Moran is a "tractor tug" with 5,100 horsepower. This refers to the propellers being mounted on rotatable pods, so this tugboat can push in any direction without turning her hull.

Her super pushing ability makes the Lee T particularly suited to ship-assist duty, seen here after docking the 900-foot ship Mc-Kinney Maersk.

See the Moran Towing Corp's website at:

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