The Travels of Tug 44

Tug National

Tug National westbound on the Erie Canal near Little Falls. This is a beautifully restored working commercial tugboat, homeward bound from the 2006 Waterford Tugboat Roundup a few days before.

Tug National, built in 1951 is owned and operated by Curt and Jenn Muma of Rebellion Tug & Barge Co., Lockport, New York.

A closer view as she passes. See full-sized photo

A view of National's engine room. The Detroit Diesel produces about 280 horsepower. See full-sized photo

National's helm - spartan and straight-forward. See full-sized photo

"Captain" Fred (that's me) at the helm of Tug National. I pushed the throttle forward and nothing happened for a few minutes, we're pushing 41 tons here!. I noticed the same effect when docking, I threw it into reverse and it kept on coming. The thing that makes it all possible is the huge rudder which allows rock-steady wonderfully accurate steering, far better than anything I have ever driven before.

That's Jenn sitting on National's bow. She's got her Commercial Master's License too, complete with towing endorsement. Good gawd, they let girls drive boats now too? Next thing ya know, they'll wanna vote!

Tug National sits on the wall at Brockport, on the western Erie Canal. This photo by Jennifer.

Last look at Tug National until next year. This photo by Jennifer.

Tug National is available for commercial work, including barge towing, port work or rescue towing disabled pleasure boats. Curt and Jenn Muma of Rebellion Tug & Barge work mostly in the Buffalo area, but are available wherever you may need them. If you need a Tug, call them at (716) 433-1320

Rebellion Tug & Barge Co.      -      "Pushing you around since 1887"

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