The Travels of Tug 44

Waterford Tugboat Roundup - 2006

The Waterford Tugboat Roundup is a great event where spectators can tour the tugs and have a great time, but it's not all show. Remember, most of these boats are working tugs with competitive captains, and one must prove who is the toughest pusher!

So, each Roundup around noon on Sunday, most of the tugs head out into Waterford harbor for a little fun. Imagine 100 ton boats with thousands of horsepower pushing nose-to-nose against each other, with diesels screaming, smoke blowing and water spraying. Add in the insults being hurled and you have the Annual Waterford Tugboat Roundup's Push-Off Contest!

Special thanks to Jennifer of Rebellion Tug & Barge for making these videos.

Here are some videos from the 2006 Waterford Tugboat Roundup Push-Off:
      These film clips are in "WMV" format, and will display with Windows Media Player.
      Please allow a minute or two for them to load before they play.

  • tugboats-1 - Tug Shenandoah beats Tug Benjamin Elliot in a traditional straight push.
  • tugboats-2 - Tug National beats Tug Shenandoah.
  • tugboats-3 - Tug 8th Sea rams Tug National but slides off, no contest.
  • tugboats-4 - Tug 8th Sea rams Tug National again, and pushes her back, then National wins and 8th Sea admits he got "trashed".
  • tugboats-5 - Tug 8th Sea flees the massive Tug Chancellor and warns the fleet.
  • tugboats-6 - Huge Tug Chancellor arrives and scatters the fleet.
  • tugboats-7 - Tug Shenandoah and Tug Benjamin Elliot join forces and defeat mighty Tug Chancellor.
  • tugboats-8 - Tug 8th Sea shoves Tug Gowanus Bay but then Gowanus puts in in gear and brushes 8th Sea aside.
  • tugboats-9 - Tug National sideswipes Tug Gowanus Bay but also gets swept aside.
  • tugboats-10 - Tug Gowanus Bay shows off her power and acceleration.
  • tugboats-11 - Tug 8th Sea sideswipes Tug National.
  • tugboats-12 - Tug 8th Sea sideswipes Tug Shenandoah, then Tug Shenandoah beats Tug National.
  • tugboats-14 - Tug National, Tug Shenandoah and Tug 8th Sea mix it up 3-ways.
  • tugboats-15 - Tug National and Tug 8th Sea team up to defeat Tug Shenandoah.
  • tugboats-16 - Baby Tug Thimble terrorizes Tug 8th Sea.

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