The Travels of Tug 44

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2007
Waterford, NY

The Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2007 was a wonderful event. Tug 44's guest aboard during the parade was Don Sutherland of Marine News, the official parade photographer. This allowed us to zig-zag in and out of the parade, getting some real nice pictures. Here are some I got that day:

Tug Cornell, a former Railroad Tug, at 106 feet long, was the largest boat in the event.

Certainly one of my favorites, Tug Shenandoah, owned by my friends Jenn & Curt of Rebellion Tug & Barge

Another of my favorites, Tug 8th Sea, owned and operated by Capt. Bill Curry. The 8th Sea is heavily armed and fired her 3 brass cannons numerous times during the Parade. Luckilly Bill didn't fire on us after I inadvertently waked him pretty bad. Sorry Bill!

Everybody's favorite, Tug Urger, the flagship of the NYS Canal Corp.

Tug Benjamin Elliot, a well-known boat from Waterford.

South Street Seaport's Tug W.O. Decker was one of only two wooden boats in the Parade.

The other wooden boat, Tug C.L. Churchill normally tows the museum replica canal freighter Lois McClure.

United States Coast Guard's Tug Wire.

Heavy-duty pusher Tug Herbert P. Brake from Port Albany Ventures.

The Canal Corp's biggest towboat, the Grand Erie.

One of the Canal Corp's heavy-duty ice-breakers, Tug Governor Cleveland.

The Tug Nimby is a Canadian fishing tug.

The mighty Tug Chancellor carries John Callaghan, organizer of the event.

Another entry by Port Albany Ventures, Tug Empire.

Tug Shenandoah (left) and Tug Urger get into a race. I clocked Urger here at 10.2 knots, 12 MPH, which is pretty fast for a 100+ year old boat.

Shenandoah and Urger pass by Tug Cornell.

The Parade approached Waterford Harbor. (left to right) Tug W.O. Decker, Tug 8th Sea, Tug Shenandoah, and pleasure tug Caprice. The Caprice is owned by John Jermano, former Canal Director.

With the cutest little Tug Thimble in the foreground, Tug 44 stands off to the side as the boats enter Waterford Harbor. That's Don Sutherland of Marine News on my roof. Thanks, Jeremy Bell of Tug Tardis for this photo!

On the trip to Albany for the start of the Parade, a crush of 100 ton boats awaits Tug 44 in the Federal Lock at Troy. A heavy cloud of diesel smoke hangs over the lock.

On the way back to Waterford, the Federal Lock was filling the chamber with only 1 valve and all the boats were being swept to the left, so wooden Tug Churchill jams her nose between Tug 44 and Tug Urger to prevent damage to our comparatively delicate fiberglass hull. Thanks Eric!

Tug 44 even had a Fan Club. Right to left: Kathleen, Kristin and Beth. Kathleen is holding a bottle of wine called "Tug Boat Red" which she brought.

Saturday night included fireworks, in between scattered showers. All in all, the weekend was one tremendous show. The event usually draws some 25,000 visitors, but this may have been reduced by the occasional showers we had all weekend. Tug 44 scored a 4th Place in the People's Choice Awards, thanks for all the votes!

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