The Travels of Tug 44

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2008
Waterford, NY

The Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2008 was another success.. Tug 44 again carried the parade photographers, allowing me to get right into the middle of the action. As always, the Roundup was the social event of the season for all the tugboat crews Here are some memories of that weekend:

The NYS Canal Corp's 100+ year old Tug Urger leads the Parade, piloted by Captain Jack Wright.

"Super Canaller" Tug Margot plows her way up the Hudson River during the Roundup Parade. She is the biggest thing on the canals, having been built with a pilothouse that can be raised for visibility over a tow or lowered for low briges.

NYS Canal Corp's biggest pusher, the Tug Grand Erie. When docked at the Roundup, her upper deck serves as a stage for various musicians and performers during the event. During the rest of the season, she does heavy-duty pushing and her 10,000 gallon fuel tanks make her a good floating gas station for other Canal Corp boats.

Heavy-duty Tug Gowanus Bay is piloted by Captain Jessica DuLong. She is towing Tug Spooky, a restoration project in progress.

Tug Empire is a perennial favorite in the Roundup.

Wooden Tug W.O. Decker is an entry from NYC's South Street Seaport Museum.

Tug Governor Cleveland is one of two ice-breaking tugs operated by NYS Canal Corp.

Tug Buffalo, owned by the Town of Waterford was recently restored to running condition.

106 foot long Tug Cornell, formerly made her living towing barges loaded with rail cars for the Lehigh valley railroad. She is too tall to make it under low bridges and cannot get much farther north than Waterford. Seen here during the Push-Off Contest, she experiences an unknown malfunction and spews huge clouds of white smoke. She was perfectly fine a few moments later and the cause was never determined.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Tug Wire is a regular visitor to the Roundup.

Pleasure Tug Trilogy, a first-time participant, makes her way down the Champlain Canal to the Roundup.

In a stunning display of excellent seamanship, Tug 8th Sea, piloted by Capt Bill Curry, gets completely sideways in the Federal Lock during the Roundup Parade.

The Federal Lock as we enter, the collection of steel tugs is starting to fill the lock.

Push-Off Contest! Tug Benjamin Elliott bangs noses with Tug 8th Sea.

Here Tug Benjamin Elliott mixes it up with larger rival Tug Gowanus Bay.

Then, Tug Benjamin Elliott takes her best shot at the mighty Tug Cornell. Captain Matt Pericone piloting Cornell, barely noticed.

Here, Bill Curry's steamboat African Queen II threatens the mightly Tug Cornell. This time Capt Matt did notice, he was terrified of getting fiberglass splinters all over his decks!

Tug Cornell and Tug 44 pose side-by-side in this long-lens shot taken by Jeremy Bell from a mile away at the Waterford Pier.

Tug 44 sits opposite the waterford Pier as the tugs enter the harbor. On the roof are the photographers, on the roof is Will Van Dorp who runs the Tugster website and on the bow is Don Sutherland of Marine News.

With Tug 44 out of town attending the Roundup, this lone Great Blue Heron reclaims our home dock, his favorite fishing spot.

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