The Travels of Tug 44

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2014
Waterford, NY

The Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2014 was wonderful as always. Old friends and new ones, and the general mayhem, shennanigans and bumps in the night always associated with the Roundup. Yes, it was a terrific event!

These photos are all large high-resolution pictures and will take a awhile to load. See them in even higher resolution with the "high-res" link under each one.

The 114 year old Tug Urger, Flagship of the Canal Corp, always leads the parade. She is a wonderful boat, orginally a steamer making her living on the Great Lakes towing nets, later converted to a 1944 diesel, and is now operated as a floating museum on the New York Canals.   high-res

The Frances, operated by NYS Marine Highway, enters Waterford Harbor with her sister ship Margot close behind. She was formerly known as the Frances Turecamo.   high-res

The Margot, also from NYS Marine Highway is followed by the Cornell. Margot and Frances have recently been towing grain barges across Lake Ontario to Oswego.   high-res

The Tug Cornell once made her living towing railroad barges for Lehigh Valley Railroad. Now she is used for charters, and has seen recent duty as an ice breaker and assist tug on the Hudson River, based in Kingston. At the moment, she is in the middle of a paint job.   high-res

The Benjamin Elliot, another entry from NYS Marine Highway of Troy NY. She is a very tough medium sized tug with 650 horsepower.   high-res

Tug 8th Sea has recovered from her "wobbly rudder" problems after getting lubrication and repairs at the Rusty Anchor, and heads north on the Hudson River at Troy.   high-res

Tender 3 is an example of Canal Corp's small fleet of small tugs. These are the little guys that do much of the work on the NYS Canals.   high-res

The Anny W is a fine example of a pleasure tug. She is a Nordic Tug 32'   high-res

The Betty June is a steel hulled tug, formerly used on the Mississippi River, on side-haul jobs and now refitted as a pleasure tug. She sports a Detroit Diesel 4-71.   high-res

Callisto is a Lord Nelson Victory Tug, built as a pleasure boat, but showing some very authentic tugboat lines.   high-res

The Spirit of Albany is owned and operated by the Port of Albany. She is a full-time workboat but occasionally takes part in events like this.   high-res

CD Perry's Tug Lisa Ann is all working tug. She helps with various construction projects on the Erie Canal and elsewhere.   high-res

The Dragonfly was hand built of plywood by our friend Stu Pate, with 2 small Honda outboards hidden under her rear deck.   high-res

The Grand Erie is Canal Corp's biggest pusher. She also is the stage on which various bands perform all thru the Roundup.   high-res

The Lady Gabrielle is another Nordic Tug 32.   high-res

This mini-tug is named "What a Tripp". It's named after the owner's grandson, Tripp.   high-res

The Caldwell Belle is a 60 passenger sternwheeler powered by a 120 horsepower Ford Lehman diesel. She provided boat rides for the appreciative crowd.   high-res

The Waterford Pier was jam-packed with boats and spectators all weekend.   high-res

Atlantic Hunter (left) and Toot Toot (right) spent all weekend pounding at each other. Don't be fooled by size!   high-res

The Tugboat Parade clears the Federal Lock at Troy, and heads for Waterford. Tug Margot in the back is throwing smoke, she has a stuck injector.   high-res

Mary Stalker enjoys the boats on saturday afternoon. She was crew aboard Tug 44 for the Parade and later made an incredible ship-to-ship jump of some 14 feet, in raging seas and dense fog and landed on her feet!   high-res

Suzie Middlefinger, Admiral of Tug Betty June ... introduces her pet fish, with Tug 44 behind her. He looks rather cuddly, considering his species. (Yes, she has an injured middle finger)   high-res

1600s dutch river freighter Onrust is heavily armed with 3 black powder cannons, which were fired every 15 minutes. BOOM! I think I went deaf!   high-res

NYS Marine Highway's Tug Mame Fay, named after a Troy Madame, pushed the fireworks barge across the harbor. Seen here the fireworks crew is prepping the display.   high-res

Looking like a boquet of flowers, this was one of the fireworks Saturday night. Imagine this as a hundred yards wide in the sky!   high-res

Sunset over Waterford Harbor Sunday evening. The Waterford Tugboat Roundup has drawn to a close. Many memories and a good time ....   high-res

Monday morning after the Roundup, Tug 44 took an inexplicable wrong turn. Instead of heading up the Champlain Canal and home, she headed west and the 3-day weekend trip became a 3 week adventure. That was a wonderful fun, with many old friends and some new ones ... but that is a story for another day. (This photo by Tug 44 crew member Larry Seney)   high-res

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