The Travels of Tug 44

American Crow

The American Crow is a common bird and can be found pretty much everywhere. They are quite sociable and can be seen in large flocks.   high-res

American Crows will eat nearly anything, including grains, berries, small rodents, as well as trash and roadkill. They are well known as nest robbers, taking eggs and young from many kinds of birds.   high-res

The American Crow makes a "caw-caw" sound, whereas the larger Raven makes a lower pitched "grock" sound.   high-res

Ravens are difficult to tell apart from American Crows. One of the ways is in flight the Crow has a rounded tail and the Raven has a very V-shaped tail with a point in the end. This photo shows a Crow tail.   high-res

The American Crow, one of the sneakiest and most intelligent birds.

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