The Travels of Tug 44

American Kestrel

Stretching & Displaying

American Kestrels are very shy and usually fly away the moment a car or person approaches ... but for reasons unknown, this Male stuck around and put on quite a show for us. Here, he is stretching his wings and tail, just to show how beautiful he is.   high-res

Then this American Kestrel spreads his tail and stretches it to his left.   high-res

Now he is displaying his left wing and giving it a nice stretch too.   high-res

And after all that, he is now flapping to get rid of dust and any loose feathers.   high-res

The American Kestrel is now done with his Birdie Yoga exercises and he turned to us and gave us The Look. "What are you looking at?" he asked.   high-res

Then the American Kestrel took flight and displayed his lovely wings.   high-res

The American Kestrel, the prettiest birdie in the Grasslands.

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