The Travels of Tug 44

American Robin

American Robins are the first indicator of spring, the lawn is usually full of them. Most Robins fly south when cold weather begins, but a few remain right here in Fort Edward all winter.   high-res

In spring they form pairs, and start nesting ... this one has 3 beautiful eggs. "Robin's Egg Blue".   high-res

May 17th 2017 - A pair of American Robins now have 2 chicks in the nest, and are bringing a steady stream of yummy bugs, caterpillars and worms for their babies who are always hungry and begging.   high-res

The parents are allowing me to come close without complaint, but I got the feeling that if I got any closer, they might attack.   high-res

And just a week or so later, the two babies were fledged and flying and independent!   high-res

The American Robin, the Harbinger of Spring.

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