The Travels of Tug 44

American Robin

Everybody knows the American Robin, one of the most common birds around. This one is a particularly good hunter, he has an earthworm in his beak and also a green inchworm. He must be a really good provider.   high-res

American Robins are the first indicator of spring, the lawn is usually full of them. Most Robins fly south when cold weather begins, but a few remain right here in Fort Edward all winter.   high-res

In spring they form pairs, and start nesting ... this one has 3 beautiful eggs. "Robin's Egg Blue".   high-res

May 17th 2017 - A pair of American Robins now have 2 chicks in the nest, and are bringing a steady stream of yummy bugs, caterpillars and worms for their babies who are always hungry and begging.   high-res

The parents are allowing me to come close without complaint, but I got the feeling that if I got any closer, they might attack.   high-res

And just a week or so later, the two babies were fledged and flying and independent!   high-res

The American Robin, the Harbinger of Spring.

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