The Travels of Tug 44

Baltimore Oriole
Active Nest

The Baltimore Oriole builds a most unusual nest, it looks like a sock hanging from a branch. In nature they make it from grasses, but this one made her nest from a section of rope, carefully tweezed apart and hung on the branch, then woven together. That's Mom sticking her head out.   high-res

That's the female Baltimore Oriole checking on her chick. This nest has only one chick, but the usual number is between 3 and 7.   high-res

And here we have the male Baltimore Oriole at the nest.   high-res

Both Mom and Dad bring in large quantities of bugs to feed the chick, but the male appears to be doing most of it, while the female concentrates on nest maintenance and poop cleaning. This is the male bringing in a green inchworm.   high-res

And a few minutes later, the male Baltimore Oriole brings in a white caterpillar.   high-res

Here's a look at the chick. It might be a male, though not certain. I love the Bernie Sanders hair the chick has.   high-res

And another look at the chick.   high-res

The Baltimore Oriole, one of the prettiest birdies out there.

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