The Travels of Tug 44

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole with his lovely colors is one of the flashiest birds out there. Hardly any other bird in the Northeast even compares.   high-res

We caught this Baltimore Oriole in a flowering crabapple tree near the Hudson River, in Fort Edward. What he is doing here is sipping nectar from the flowers as a bee might do. His tongue is a bottle-brush designed perfectly for sopping up the nectar.   high-res

The Baltimore Oriole is one heck of an acrobat as he flitted around the tree. He is able to dangle from one foot so as to reach flowers on the ends of twigs. Here, he is doing chin-ups.   high-res

And there he is back up on the branch.   high-res

So many crabapple flowers and so little time. The Baltimore Oriole is eating in a major frenzy and he never sits still.   high-res

No time to stop, it's on to the next flower. The sugary nectar gives him a lot of energy.   high-res

He can also dangle head down to reach flowers. He wants them all.   high-res

Nectar is the Baltimore Oriole's favorite food but he will also eat fresh fruit or even orange slices on your bird feeder. And of course any bug he meets gets eaten too. They even go after tent caterpillars. Here, he is eating a small bug larvae.   high-res

And here's the Baltimore Oriole in a white flowing crabapple tree. He likes them all.   high-res

The Baltimore Oriole, one of the flashiest dressers in the bird world.

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