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Canada Goose

A pair of Canada Geese cruise the Hudson River in Fort Edward NY.   high-res

Another pair of Canada Geese in my back yard on the Champlain Canal. Note the male has an odd white patch on his face.   high-res

A Canada Goose in the back yard of Fort Edward's Jane McCrea House on the Hudson River. Notice the droplets of water on the feathers, this one just splashed around a bit.   high-res

Two baby Canada Geese graze by the side of the road in Fort Edward, under the watchful eyes of their parents.   high-res

Several Canada Geese taking off from the rapids on the Hudson River.   high-res

There are Canada Geese all summer in Fort Edward, but during spring and fall they accumulate in the thousands for their migration. This group numbered about 3,000.   high-res

Canada Geese are experts in close-quarters flying and they never seem to bump each other.   high-res

April 2018 - Spotted this female Canada Goose standing on her nest. They often nest on top of old abandoned Muskrat lodges as this one did. Her mate is hiding in the brush nearby.   high-res

After a few moments, Momma Canada Goose goes back to sitting on her eggs. They hatched out a few days later, and vanished into the swamp with their parents within hours.   high-res

June 2018 - Meet my friend Sam and his pet Canada Goose named Squeek! (That's my car in the photo) Three years ago, Squeek showed up as a badly injured small chick. One eye was torn out and she had other serious injuries. Sam took her in and nursed her back to health and she has stayed with Sam ever since. The Goose hangs out in Sam's work shop but can go outdoors any time. She can fly but stays anyway. She likes to eat Sam's lawn, but most of all she loves Cheerios cereal, which being oats, is probably good for her. She even has a kiddie pool out back to paddle around in. This is wildlife rescue at it's finest. :)

I find it cool that Squeek will accept bits of grass from me when I offer it, and doesn't bite me. That was a change from our first meeting. Squeek has a few Canada Goose friends that visit her now and then, but Squeek never leaves.   high-res

The Canada Goose, very protective of their family.

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