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Chinese Lantern Plant

I have these Chinese Lantern Plants growing in my back yard on the Champlain Canal. The seed pod consists of a little red berry with a seed in it, covered by the flower petals, resembling a paper lantern. I cut this one open to show the seed berry inside. They are very hardy and can survive our brutal winters at 35 degrees below zero. In fact the bright orange/red balloons survive half way through winter.   high-res

They grow on a vine-like plant, mine are growing up the bark of a giant cottonwood tree.   high-res

A closer look at the orange/red seed pods.   high-res

In late winter and spring, the covering vanishes, and leaves behind the dried seed pod, covered by a spidery network of veins. This photo came from Wikipedia, I'll replace it with my own in the spring.   high-res

The Chinese Lantern Plant, especially spectacular looking in snow.

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