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Chukar Partridge

The Chukar Partridge was originally a native of Pakistan and Iraq, and was brought to the USA as a game bird and for training hunting dogs, by hunting clubs. Escapees have established colonies in the Rocky Mountains in the high desert areas, and we have a few of them right here in Fort Edward.   high-res

This Chukar Partridge was released for these photos, it was captive-raised by our friend Ted McEachron of Bacon Hill Kennels. Ted uses them to train German Shorthair Pointers and other hunting dogs. During the dog training activities, many of them escape alive and go live with the local colony.   high-res

Chukars are bug and seed eaters. Chicks are mostly fed bugs for fast growth.   high-res

After the Chukar in the previous photos was released, it ran for the woods and eventually vanished, and then this one came out and flew onto a shed roof and posed for me there.   high-res

The Chukar on the roof stayed up there for about an hour, displaying no fear of humans.   high-res

Ted had just brought this Chukar Partridge from the cage and he tucked its head under its wing and the bird promptly went to sleep. After Ted placed the bird on the ground, it just sat there, half asleep in spite of being surrounded by 4 hunting dogs. The bird was in no danger as Ted had told the dogs to "leave it", so the dogs just watched and did not attack.   high-res

The Chukar Partridge, a favorite of hunting clubs.

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