The Travels of Tug 44


When I was a little kid, I loved catching these little critters ... ya place an empty can behind them and stick your hand in front and they flap their tail and zoom right into the can. But these days I am less interested in wading thru swamps and streams to catch one, so I got this Belted Kingfisher to do it for me. The Kingfisher is holding the Crayfish in her beak to show me her catch. :)   high-res

This Crayfish is only an inch long, but they can grow to about 3 inches, and they look just like a tiny lobster. And quite a few different types of birds absolutely love eating them.   high-res

Crayfish will eat nearly anything. They eat tiny animals and they eat plants too. They like small tadpoles, and they don't care if they find them dead or alive.   high-res

Crayfish are Nature's cleanup crew and they make a tasty snack.

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