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Eastern Chipmunk

The Eastern Chipmunk is a cute little rodent, with some snappy-looking racing stripes down its side. They like seeds, berries as well as insects and worms, which they can stuff into their cheek pouches to transport home for later. Their homes are typically extensive tunnel networks.   high-res

If you have a rock garden with flowers and a bird feeder, you are almost guaranteed to have chipmunks too. This one was on Mary Ellen's picnic table right after she filled the bird feeders ... he collected up the spilled seed immediately.   high-res

Eastern Chipmunks groom their fur frequently. When you're that cute, ya have to work at keeping it up. :)   high-res

May 2017, I pulled into the towpath parking lot in Fort Edward, just as this little critter came scooting across the gravel. He was busily collecting up some tree buds that were all over the place after a wind storm. When running across open areas, they usually hold their tail straight up, in the hope that a swooping hawk will grab the tail and not their body, allowing them to easily get loose and escape.   high-res

Little Chip zoomed all over, basically he was "shopping".   high-res

After about 5 minutes, the Chipmunk had stuffed his cheek pouches completely full of the buds and then he ran back home and dove into his burrow, probably to enjoy his lunch.   high-res

June 2018 - I now have Eastern Chipmunks in my yard and under my deck, they just arrived. They love cleaning up under the bird feeder, looking for sunflower seeds.   high-res

The Eastern Chipmunk, my favorite cute little rodent!

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