The Travels of Tug 44

Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlarks are migratory birds that spend their summers in northern grasslands such as the Fort Edward area, but a few remain year round. They eat seeds and bugs ... lots and lots of bugs, some of which they dig for.   high-res

Met this Eastern Meadowlark sitting on a fencepost singing his heart out.   high-res

These little birdies have the bright yellow breast, marked with that black V shape.   high-res

Then he turned and sang some more. He puffs out his chest when lets loose.   high-res

And then this Eastern Meadowlark turned for his profile shot, he's quite a poser. And then went back to singing.   high-res

And after all that performing, he turns at looks at me, to be sure I was watching.   high-res

The Eastern Meadowlark, a very noisy little critter!

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