The Travels of Tug 44

Eastern Screech-Owl

The Eastern Screech-Owl has some of mother nature's best camouflage. They are nocturnal and seldom seen during the day, but look closely at these tree branches ...   high-res

Let's look a bit closer, and here is an Eastern Screech-Owl sticking his head out of a knot hole. They come in two colors, the gray as shown here and the reddish-brown variety. They are about the size and shape of a beer can.   high-res

I got this photo of two Eastern Screech-Owls at the Winter Raptor Fest. The photo shows the two color types, the red on the left and the gray on the right. They eat worms, insects and mice, and small birds.   high-res

November 2020, we met this red-variety Screech Owl, warming herself in the afternoon sun. The red ones match camouflage pefectly with pine bark, and the gray ones match leafy trees.   high-res

Little Red Screech tilts forward to show off her "ears", they are just feather tufts with no real function.   high-res

The Eastern Screech-Owl, a highly camouflaged night hunter.

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