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Great Egret

The Great Egret is one of the more spectacular birds in the swamp. Their feathers are all white with a yellow beak and eyes and long black legs and feet. During breeding season, they have stunning whispy white plumes that hang over their body, and I hope to catch that image in the spring. These birds were common on the Hudson River until the recent dredging began and they vanished. But now, in the summer of 2017 they have returned to Fort Edward.   high-res

This Great Egret is stretching his muscles and putting on quite a show. He's perched on a branch just above the water, taking a break from fishing.   high-res

He's standing in shallow water, waiting for a fish or tadpole to swim by just in time for lunch. That's how the Great Egrets make their living.   high-res

This bird is taking a break, probably napping a bit, perched on a low branch. He's got his head rested on his neck, that must be a comfy pose for them.   high-res

This Great Egret has something to say, and it sounds a bit like a duck.   high-res

The Great Egret is a large bird, but he's sitting on a small branch that doesn't support him well, and it's windy ... so a bit of flapping prevents him from being blown off..   high-res

Male and female Great Egrets appear alike, but in this case we know the one on the right must be the female ... she does all the talking. :)   high-res

Egret pairs often mimic each other's movements. Here they are doing synchronized grooming, quite a sight.   high-res

This one is honking and displaying his tongue, which is red and as long as the beak.   high-res

I was surprised to see a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret in the same tree, but I later discovered the two species often fish together. But in this photo, it looks like the Great Egret is a photo-bomber and is laughing about it.   high-res

The Great Egret, a stunningly beautiful fishing bird.

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