The Travels of Tug 44

Green Heron - Hunting Crayfish

Early one morning, I saw this young Green Heron hunting from a floating branch in the Fort Edward Swamps. She had the spots and streaks on her sides so I knew she was a chick. And as soon as she saw me, she started putting on a little show for me, she was stretching her wings and legs and showing off her beautiful feathers.   high-res

Suddenly, she spotted something in the water and she stepped out to the end of the branch and started leaning over. And then she struck into the water, but hung onto the branch with one claw.   high-res

An instant later, the immature Green Heron's head came up and she had a huge crayfish in her beak!   high-res

She was still gripping the branch in her claw and she used her wings to help lift herself up out of the water.   high-res

A few more flaps and the young Green Heron made it back up to the branch, still holding the crayfish.   high-res

The Green Heron was so excited that she raised her crest on her head.   high-res

Ms. Green Heron proudly showed off her crayfish for at least a minute, and then she ran off into the brush for breakfast. She probably broke the claws off first, and then swallowed the crayfish down, tail first. Crayfish have a sharp point on their nose, that's why they need to go down tail first.   high-res

The Green Heron, an excellent hunter.

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