The Travels of Tug 44

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl, also called Guinea Hens, are raised by a number of our local formers. They are raised much like free-range chickens ... for their meat and eggs. They originally were brought in from Africa.   high-res

They come in several varieties and colors, this variety is known as Pearls.   high-res

Guinea Fowl spend much of their day out in fields hunting for bugs. I have watched a small flock foraging when suddenly one will dash 5-6 feet and stop again. Each time that happens, another flying bug has been eaten. They also go after ticks.   high-res

A closeup photo of a Guinea Fowl. This one just grabbed a tiny garden snail out of the weeds and will shortly enjoy it for a snack.   high-res

The Guinea Fowl, a tasty alternative to chickens.

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