The Travels of Tug 44

Hooded Merganser Duck

This male Hooded Merganser Duck has just surfaced from diving in the Hudson River, and he has brought up a really large meal, a Leopard Frog. The Merganser has his crest folded back to avoid the flailing prey.   high-res

After beating the frog on the surface of the water, he tilts his head back and flips the frog upwards.   high-res

The meal is really large, so the Hooded Merganser now lifts up the front of his body so that his throat is straight, to allow the frog to slide right on down.   high-res

And down the frog goes ... Hooded Mergansers can swallow a meal far larger than one might expect.   high-res

The Hooded Merganser Duck, a mighty hunter in a small package.

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